Education and Training

I. Work Ethic

With the vision of "becoming China's Most Respected Beverage Enterprise, and the core strength of China beverage market", promote organizational capacity improvement, and support to achieve strategic objectives based on strategic and business needs, combined with talent development channels, through multiple means, the mode of hierarchy and classification of talent training, with the idea of "learn for use and use for learn".

II. System Planning

Corporate Training adopts the work mode of unified planning, hierarchical management and hierarchical implementation, providing comprehensive training courses according to business characteristics in a hierarchical and classified manner. Besides, with the focus of "curriculum, lecturer and student", accumulate the best practices of China Resources C’estbon through curriculum development and management; find talents through training and use of lecturers, so as to promote the best practices and cultural heritage of China Resources C’estbon; and achieve "learn for use and use for learn" through rigorous student management, combined with talent channel and cadre management. Strengthen training process management, and constantly improve the "four in one" (courses, lecturer, student and process) training management system.

III. Feature Trainings

Freshman Training Camp It is tailored for college freshman,
helping them to quickly transform their
minds and characters so as to adapt to
the workplace through the four themes
of "team integration, understanding
C’estbon, professional quality, and team task".
Function Training Camp It is tailored for ability improvement of
functional professionals, providing
support for ability improvement
of professionals andpromote the
professionals to create values
according to the functional professional
requirements by arrangements for
targeted professional training courses
, including salesability, finance, supply
chain management, quality, human resources, etc.
Leadership Training Camp It is tailored for middle and senior
management personnel, promoting
the leadership improvement of the
Company’s middle and senior
management personnel through
cooperation with the world's leading
consulting companies and China
Resources University, with the
combination of professional training +
subject practice, by means of
learning of advanced leadership
concept and tools, industrial exchanges, etc.
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